Southeast Dairy

Private Label Production


The Tiller family has been in business since 1936 and during that time the Tiller family name has become synonymous with safe, delicious, high quality dairy and non-dairy products.  Southeast Dairy Processors, a division of Tiller Food Inc., is a privately owned family business dedicated almost exclusively to private label dairy and non-dairy product manufacturing and co-packing for large and small businesses nationally and internationally.  The success of your brand is always our highest priority.

Our customer base often consists of cruise lines, amusement parks, resorts, the largest dairy and food service companies nationally and internationally, as well as innovative and cutting edge small and midsize companies serving a wide range customers in a variety of market sectors including retail and food service.

The strength of our business is our laser focus on our co-packing and private label contract-manufacturing relationships.  Our production capabilities and facility flexibility are specifically designed to allow for the production of a wide variety of product package sizes, configurations, and custom formulations in addition to our ability to offer an array of processing capabilities and pasteurization equipment.  Our private label production capabilities include vat pasteurization for specialty products, HTST processing (High Temperature/Short Time), and even extended shelf life (ESL) processing through our UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) equipment. Our ability to offer smaller batch sizes and production runs in addition to larger volume production runs sets us apart from the largest dairies and makes us perfectly suited for any endeavor from the introduction of new products to the private label co-packing of traditional high volume dairy products serving large markets. Whatever your production requirements our team is here to serve your needs and those of your customers.

Consistency and trust are the foundation of any successful private label and co-packing relationship.  Consistency starts with our team of long serving, hard-working, dedicated employees and ends with our ability to deliver consistent products to customer specifications, made to order, and on time.  Your customers can rely on you and you can rely on our consistency to meet the demand.

Our valued reputation and the trust we have built in the industry can give you the confidence that our loyalty to you the customer is paramount.  Our business is based on confidential proprietary information and product development.  Your customer information, trade secrets, and other valuable business information can be entrusted to our team and will be respected as if it were our own without exception.

Whether you have an innovative idea for a new product or are seeking a long-term partner in the dairy industry, our team looks forward to the opportunity to earn your business and provide the customer service few can match.  Ask around and we are sure that our service and reputation precedes us and will we work to preserve it.  There is no better endorsement than from your industry so please ask around and then contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are the best brand you will never see and that is how a private label relationship should be.

From the team at Southeast Dairy Processors Inc. and the Tiller Family, we look forward to earning your business.

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