Southeast Dairy


Southeast Dairy Processors, a division of Tiller Foods Inc., is a Grade A Dairy specializing in private label dairy manufacturing with extensive co-packing and manufacturing capabilities for food service and retail. Capable of serving large dairies and food manufacturers to small specialty food providers, our flexible manufacturing facility features an array of processing and packing equipment allowing for a diverse offering of products and package sizes to meet the challenges of the dairy and food sectors nationally and internationally.


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  • Yogurt
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Soft-Serve Yogurt Mix
  • Sour Cream
  • Crema
  • Buttermilk
  • Whipping Cream
  • Ice Cream and Other Dairy Mixes
  • Dessert Mixes (Non-Dairy)
  • Coffee Creamers and Non-Dairy Creamers
  • Pareve (“Parve”) and Kosher Products
  • Hispanic Foods
  • Assorted Dairy Products and Beverages


Visit our Products Pages in the red navigation bar above for a full listing of products, package sizes and other specifications.

  • 3/8 oz cups
  • Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, Gallons
  • Bulk (tubs) 5 lbs., 30 lbs., 32 lbs., 36 lbs., and assorted sizes
  • Bag-n-Box (2/2.5 lbs. and assorted sizes)
  • Totes (275 gallon and assorted sizes)
  • Pouches (1 lbs.)
  • Assorted Package Sizes – We have an array of packaging equipment and package capabilities. Contact Southeast Dairy Processors today to discuss your product and package specifications!


  • Vat Pasteurization for specialty items
  • HTST (High Temperature/Short Time)
  • UHT (Ultra Pasteurization) for ESL (extended shelf life products)


Southeast Dairy Processors has a variety of proven product formulas for an extensive offering of products. Over the decades Southeast Dairy Processors has been involved in a variety of formulation projects for traditional dairy products to new and innovative dairy and food and beverage items. Whether our customers require a formula for a product or require improvement of an existing product formula, our team can assist in perfecting a product for introduction into the dairy and food sectors. Southeast Dairy Processors strives to provide customers with a full array of solutions in house and through its vendors to support our clients’ objectives in their product lines.


Food safety and quality is the top priority for Southeast Dairy Processors. Producing and assuring safe quality foods and the reputation for quality and consistency of its products is a key concern in the market and for Southeast Dairy Processors and its customers. Our lab is equipped with current and up to date testing equipment and is staffed by our team of microbiologists and chemists to ensure our products meet client specifications and are safe for consumers. Our facilities are regularly inspected and audited by reputable third party auditors as well as government entities. When is comes to quality and safety you can rely on Southeast Dairy Processors.


Southeast Dairy Processor’s name and reputation was built and maintained over the decades by its strong emphasis on customer service and support. The logistics of product shipping and delivery is time consuming, expensive, and often complicated by state and international laws and regulations. Whether our customers ship product within a state, across state lines, or even internationally, our team of competent and experience logistics personnel and vendors will assist you in coordinating logistics. Lets our staff and team of vendors assist you with this process as part of your customer service experience.


Southeast Dairy Processors has a variety of cold storage facilities including medium temperature coolers and freezers. We offer our customers cold storage capabilities to ensure we can fulfill a variety of product demands and specifications.


Southeast Dairy Processors is unlike many large traditional dairies and food manufacturers in that our processing capabilities allow for both large volume runs and small batch sizes to accommodate a variety of customers and product types. Whether the product is a new item being tested in the market or a specialty item requiring smaller production that most dairies cannot accommodate, contact Southeast Dairy Processors to discuss your manufacturing needs.


People are the key to the success of any business. Southeast Dairy Processors has remained family owned over the decades and is now run by the third generation of the Tiller family. Whether its ownership, management, support staff or manufacturing personnel, the key to our success over the years has been our dedicated, customer focused staff delivering consistent, time tested, quality results. Over the years, Southeast Dairy Processors has prided itself on selecting and retaining high quality, service oriented personnel and this has been a staple of our success. Let our team serve and support your team and your customers.